Welcome to Mountain View!

As you explore the site, you will discover a church community that seeks to be more than formal strangers sharing a hard pew. We are not bashful about saying that in many ways we are imperfect people, and that Mountain View is a church where it is ok to admit that you are not ok. It is because of this reality that we orient our life together around the gospel of Jesus Christ, and we celebrate the stunning reality of His grace. We want this good news of God’s extreme love to steer everything we do and shape the way we do it.

Our church community is composed of people who come from a variety of backgrounds, and from all over the Roaring Fork Valley. We love the mixture of ages, addresses, and life stories that you will find each time the Mountain View Church gathers. Our life together as a community is unashamedly centered on Jesus, while we seek to be a hospitable place for each person, wherever they may be at in their journey.

If you have questions about faith, God or life in Christ, or are looking for a place to belong and a place to become – I hope you will consider visiting us at Mountain View Church. I would personally welcome the opportunity to meet you and to hear your story.

Steve Grosz
Lead Pastor MVC