Connect Classes

Connect Classes

Mountain View Church

time 9:00 am

Every Sunday from

December 17, 2017


March 31, 2018

Adult Classes

Ladies Fellowship Study
Leader: PJ Click
Room:  Crestone Peak
Study:  Growing in Wisdom & Faith. A study in James. By Elizabeth George
Where can women get the wisdom that will help them make the right choices in the many decisions of life? How can they develop a faith that won’t waver or crumble when they’re overwhelmed by life’s trials and temptations? The book of James answers these questions and more and provides practical guidance on many issues that affect Christian women daily, such as: persevering through life’s troubles, putting on a heart of patience, and planning the future with God in mind.

Living Word Class
Leader: Jimmy Fuson
Room:   Sunlight Peak
Study:   Old Testament Biographies
Nothing has more influence on any of our lives than people we know. Indeed, at the end of our days we will be able to put together a list of people we met along the way who influenced and changed us in big ways and small. Some affected us for the better, some for the worse. Your memories of them is their legacy to you. You too, will leave a legacy someday. The Bible could be thought of as a big collection of legacies. It is filled with characters from long ago whose legacies have been divinely preserved for our benefit. That is, if we choose to learn from them. Come with me as we look at the legacies of Old Testament characters this fall. Not only will we learn what they did, but equally important, why they did. It will be a thought provoking, challenging time as we gain insight on how to live a life that matters.

Adult Class
Leader: Jesse Cowan
Room:   Mt Columbia
Study:   How To Learn The Bible in 24 Hours.
This class digs deep into certain places in the Word of God.  You will find mind-blowing prophecies, awesome scientific facts, as well as the thread of the gospel that is woven throughout the biblical story.  You have an opportunity in this class to see how wonderful and amazing God’s Word truly is.

Adult Class
Leader: Debby and Karma
Room:   Youth Ministry Office
Study:   Study will be based on Luke.

Children/Youth Classes

Middle and High School Youth
Leader:  Evan Petras
Room:   Youth Room
Study:   Jesus – His Priorities
A classroom setting where students can learn and be able to bring forth their questions and concerns about: God, Jesus, the bible and faith in general. Evan and his fellow leaders will strive to teach and answer questions with integrity, always pointing students to Christ.

Children K-2nd Grade
Leader: Shelby Cowan
Room:   Maroon Peak
Study:   The Bible Verse By Verse
Classes start in Genesis and continue through the Bible.