Incomparable Father

June 17, 2018

Incomparable Father

Romans 8:14-17

On a day when we want to encourage men, we want to pause and look in the direction of the “Incomparable Father.”  In relating by faith to the Heavenly Father, there is the very real possibility that earthly dads will have enlarged or renewed capacity to be effective dads and grandpas to their children and grandchildren.  Amazingly, we learn that God not only desires to meet us where we are at, but He  wants to give to us a new identity that powerfully impacts the way we view ourselves, the way we care for others, and the way we approach God.  He has prepared for those who believe a magnificent inheritance that can be enjoyed in measure now, and enjoyed fully one day.  Identity and Inheritance – these are gifts that God the Father offers His sons and daughters.  On this Father’s Day, we want to encourage men and women to see and savor the perfect Father – God the Father.

Pastor Tim Haugen

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