Life Songs: Master Builder

Psalm 127

When one builds a house, the selection of a builder is a vitally important decision. Usually you want to know something of the track record of a builder in order to come to conclusions about reputation.  Choosing your builder when it comes to a house is important.  It’s even more critical to wisely select your builder when it comes to a life.  In Psalm 127, we have a song that was written by Solomon.  It’s a wisdom song.  While we normally think of the Proverbs when we think of Solomon’s writings, there is this Psalm that was penned by Solomon.  It seems that Solomon is warning against foolishly building your life in a way that ignores God and His leadership in life.  Ultimately that is futile.  So if God is to be the builder where your life is concerned, how can you meaningfully partner with Him in the ‘building project?’  What might that look like?  You can lead a life that God builds and directs, or one that you build and direct.  Whatever you decide, it’s important to know that the final outcomes are going to vastly different.

Pastor Tim Haugen

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