Who We Are

Mission, Celebrate, Connect, Invest



Mountain View Church exists to bring glory to God by making disciples through the gospel of Jesus Christ, locally and globally. We seek to live the gospel in the Roaring Fork Valley through pursuing the following aims:


Because of the love, leadership, and forgiveness provided to us by Christ there is ample reason to celebrate. Christians aren’t typically famous for their glee. As a church our desire is to pursue together a lifestyle of celebrating well. Worship, evangelism, serving, giving, enjoying creation, etc.—are all expressions of our gospel joy.



The church is not a building it’s a people, and more specifically a people authentically connected. We seek to be more than Facebook friends to one another, but rather a family on journey together.


When God transforms a person's life by His love and truth--a seismic shift of grace is felt everywhere, even down to the watch and wallet .We seek to consider together how to creatively leverage the resources God has given us to expand His glory and serve the good of others.