Come To The Throne

June 24, 2018

Come To The Throne

Hebrews 4:11-16

Have you ever thought about the absolute awe inspiring privileges we have as believes? Not only do we have the privilege of spending eternity with the Father because of what Christ has done on our behalf; but the privilege to step right into God’s presence is available to us right now. In the Old Testament we observe many occasions where if a man were to burn the wrong incense at the Lord alter that man would be burned alive on the spot, or if a man stepped into the Lord presence while being defiled by sin he would die instantly. But because of what Jesus has done in His life, death and resurrection, ascending to heaven to the right hand of God the Father acting as our high priest we have the opportunity to step now boldly into the prescience of our gracious God. Do you tap into this insurmountable resource we have in prayer? Do we as a Church take seriously the privilege of being able to come boldly before the throne our gracious God? Have we allowed the Word of God to pierce our souls and bring us to our knees in prayer? Are we a praying Church?

Youth Ministry Intern Evan Petras

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