Blessings Out of Brokenness: Brokenness Prompts Grateful Love

Luke 7:36-50

The inward disposition of brokenness is counter-intuitive.  And yet out of the soil of that inward disposition can flow a beauty that is compelling.  A high profile religious leader once invited Jesus into home, but during that visit the host offered to Jesus none of the courtesies that a host of that day might offer.  However, a woman who was an uninvited guest to that party offered to Jesus an extravagance of kindness.  What was the difference?  The contrast between the two characters helps to illustrate a meaningful link between inward brokenness and what we might call, “grateful love.”  What can we learn from this New Testament story, and how could it impact the way we see and relate to Jesus in 2017?

Pastor Tim Haugen

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