Life Songs: Satisfied in God

Psalm 23

In a world of uncertainty, contentment can be elusive.  Sadly, we can be vulnerable to supposing that the managing of our circumstances can ensure contentment.  However, both life experience and the story of the Bible remind us that people can have desirable circumstances and still be discontent.  Perhaps one of the most arresting pictures of contentment is a song that was recorded in the Bible.  It is referred to as the 23rd Psalm.  While it is a Psalm that is often read at funerals, in reality it is a song that actually provides wise counsel for life.  It is provocative in its assertion that contentment is not grounded in our circumstance, but in something, or rather someone, far more enduring and foundational.  Join us as we hear from God about a gift of durable contentment that transcends circumstance.

Pastor, Tim Haugen

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