Prayer First: Blueprint

Matthew 6:5-15

On one occasion in Luke 11, the followers of Jesus who had been around Him for some time brought to him a request.  They said, “Lord, teach us to pray.” They had observed that prayer was a vital priority in the life of Jesus.  So in Luke 11, and Matthew 6, we have recorded for us a “model” prayer that Jesus gave to His followers.  This prayer which we generally refer to as the Lord’s Prayer is a prayer that Jesus would not have prayed Himself.  For example, He had no reason to ask for forgiveness, because as the New Testament writers make clear, Jesus was without sin.  However, prayer was a “fixture practice” in His life.  So when He gave a model for prayer to His followers, He helped us with a pattern for our praying intended to make our praying optimally relational and effectual. In this message we give attention to the pattern, the significance of the components of the pattern, and the sequence of the components in the pattern Jesus laid out for us.  Join us as we listen to Jesus teach us about meaningful praying.

Pastor Tim Haugen

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