God’s Economy: Part 5

Luke 19:1-10

The fifth part in our series considers one of the most popular stories in the New Testament, i.e. Zacchaeus and the sycamore tree. However, digging beneath the flannel graph and cartoon characterizations of this “wee little man”, we find a dynamic story of someone deeply transformed by the forgiveness and identity offered by Jesus. As a changed man, Zacchaeus provides a vivid example of urgency to respond to the call of God on a life.

Pastor Steve Grosz

(Included is the honoring of pastor Dave and Kathy Pearson with the title of Pastor Emeritus)

God’s Economy: Part 4

Luke 18:1-8

As busy as he was, Jesus had a regular rhythm of getting away for times of prayer and He even spent time to teach his disciples how to pray. Furthermore, the bible includes over 500 references to prayer, and the early church was born out of a prayer meeting on the day of Pentecost. These facts point to the essential nature of prayer for the people of God. But why? What does prayer do? What is the intended purpose of prayer?

The fourth part in our series seeks to discover more about how followers of Christ are called to steward their prayer as part of a faithful and flourishing life.

Pastor Steve Grosz

God’s Economy: Part 3

We apologize : only the second half of the sermon was taped.

Luke 17:11-19

When a person experiences new life in Christ, God becomes the rightful king of it.  That said, God then gives stewardship (or middle management) of this changed life back to His follower so that he or she, can have an active part in seeking how to invest it to the glory of God. This week we consider how our experiences of healing and rescue by God, are a precious resource to be stewarded well.

Pastor Steve Grosz

God’s Economy: Part 2

Luke 16:1-13

When we think of the word “economy” dollars and cents often come to mind. In God’s economy the wise stewardship of money is one aspect of discipleship. This week we study Christ’s teaching on money to gain insight into how to put it in its proper place. Working capital need not be an enemy of faithfulness of God, but a means of it.

Pastor Steve Grosz

God’s Economy:Part 1

Acts 17:16-34

God acts in wholes and we often do so in halves. He gives us his whole love; He made the whole world; He wants for us life to the full – yet sometimes we respond with only half a heart. In this series titled “God’s Economy”, we seek to consider the whole life that God offers and the deep blessing of this fully integrated life in Christ.

Pastor Steve Grosz

Transforming Our Lives by the Power of the Word of God

Exchange Sunday.

Hebrews 4:12
For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any double-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, both joints and marrow, and able to judge the reflections and thoughts of the heart.

Pastor Juan Lopez, Inglesia La Roca Church

Sunday Sermons

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Talk Is Cheap

1 John 2:6 (ESV)

In a world full of distractions and forces fighting for our attention we often lose sight of one thing: Jesus. Scripture tells us to keep our eyes on Christ, to put our faith in Christ, to pursue Christ, to love Christ, and ultimately to be like Christ. Unfortunately, we tend to forget that Jesus is our model for life and ministry. Christ not only came to free us from our sins but also to give us a model in which we are to follow. He was man as God intended man to be. Do we look towards Him for our model in all things? Do we take Christ’s example seriously and apply it to our own lives? Do we truly know what this even means? The Apostle John writes to early believers to assure them of their salvation and protect against sin. The object of both is Christ and how we relate to Him.

Evan Petras, Youth Ministry Intern


Baptism – Dead to Sin/Alive in Christ

Romans 6:3-13

Before going to the river today to celebrate baptism, we will consider why and how we do baptisms as a Christian church.  For over 2,000 years Christ followers have been publicly entering into the baptismal waters, at times risking their lives and livelihoods to do so.  So what makes baptism unique and significant? Is baptism a symbol of: freedom, resurrection, allegiance, or all of the above? Looking into the book of Romans we will seek answers to these questions.

Pastor Steve Grosz

Shorties: Small Books, Big Impact

Haggai 1 & 2

There are a number of very short books tucked away in the Old Testament. Although they are brief, and not easy to find, they carry a load of wisdom for those willing to seek it. For the next few weeks we will be a people in pursuit of these small gems and truth they promise to give.

Pastor Steve Grosz