Exiles Made to Flourish: Series Conclusion

Nehemiah 12:27-43

Have you ever considered celebrating as a essential spiritual discipline? Scripture puts a premium of the importance of celebrating well the things that we should make a big deal of. In final part of the Exiles Made to Flourish series, we will consider the importance of partying to the glory of God for an exile like Nehemiah, and for exiles like us as well.

Pastor Steve Grosz

Exiles Made To Flourish Series – Part 3

Sorry we did not get this sermon taped.
Nehemiah 1:1-11
Injustice. Suffering. Need. Despair.
What are we to do when we notice something that ought not be? Does God at times stir our emotions to grieve for the things that He would have us intervene in? Nehemiah was an exile in the court of the Persian king, and was made to flourish in order that he might be used of God there.
This Sunday we will consider where God has made us flourish, and how we might leverage those opportunities for the glory of God and the good of others.
Pastor Steve Grosz

Exiles Made To Flourish Series – Part 2

Daniel 4:1-37
Have you ever had a friend, family member or colleague, that you wanted to recommend new life in Christ to, but you felt they were too hard or distracted to ever seriously consider the gospel?  Our ongoing study of Daniel (the exile in Babylon) records how the powerful king Nebuchadnezzar had to lose his mind before he found it, and how Daniel’s consistent influence was a factor in that transformation. Daniel’s life hints how God can, and does, work through the witness of our long term friendships to reveal Himself.
Pastor Steve Grosz

Exiles Made To Flourish Series – Part 1

Daniel 1:1-21

It is no surprising revelation to say that we live in what has been called a “post-Christian America”. The biblical concepts that were once givens in our culture, find more opposition and push back than was once true. This can either discourage or it can prompt a person to step back and consider the wider lens of God’s sovereignty throughout history. For the next three weeks we will learn from case studies of God’s people, who have faithfully flourished in some of the most difficult contexts imaginable.

Pastor Steve Grosz


Joshua 4:1-7

The beginning to the book of Joshua includes a bold mission for the people of God.One of the key ways they were to accomplish this mission, was by actively remembering all that God had done, and was doing to bring them into the promised land. They had experienced much during their years in the wilderness, but past experiences are like muscles, they need to be exercised to remain strong. This Sunday, we will explore what can be learned in our life together by considering theirs.

Pastor Steve Grosz

Hebrews 5:1-5
John 1:1-6,14
Philippians 2
Last week, Evan spoke on the humanity of Jesus and His ability to sympathize with us.  This week we look at His worthiness to stand before the Father on our behalf and His willingness to do so.  He is both Saviour and Sustainer and is willing to hear the prayers of the smallest child and the most powerful king.
Ken Reeder

Come To The Throne

Hebrews 4:11-16

Have you ever thought about the absolute awe inspiring privileges we have as believes? Not only do we have the privilege of spending eternity with the Father because of what Christ has done on our behalf; but the privilege to step right into God’s presence is available to us right now. In the Old Testament we observe many occasions where if a man were to burn the wrong incense at the Lord alter that man would be burned alive on the spot, or if a man stepped into the Lord presence while being defiled by sin he would die instantly. But because of what Jesus has done in His life, death and resurrection, ascending to heaven to the right hand of God the Father acting as our high priest we have the opportunity to step now boldly into the prescience of our gracious God. Do you tap into this insurmountable resource we have in prayer? Do we as a Church take seriously the privilege of being able to come boldly before the throne our gracious God? Have we allowed the Word of God to pierce our souls and bring us to our knees in prayer? Are we a praying Church?

Youth Ministry Intern Evan Petras

Incomparable Father

Romans 8:14-17

On a day when we want to encourage men, we want to pause and look in the direction of the “Incomparable Father.”  In relating by faith to the Heavenly Father, there is the very real possibility that earthly dads will have enlarged or renewed capacity to be effective dads and grandpas to their children and grandchildren.  Amazingly, we learn that God not only desires to meet us where we are at, but He  wants to give to us a new identity that powerfully impacts the way we view ourselves, the way we care for others, and the way we approach God.  He has prepared for those who believe a magnificent inheritance that can be enjoyed in measure now, and enjoyed fully one day.  Identity and Inheritance – these are gifts that God the Father offers His sons and daughters.  On this Father’s Day, we want to encourage men and women to see and savor the perfect Father – God the Father.

Pastor Tim Haugen

Finish Well

Hebrews 12:1-2

Pastor Tim would say that for some time he has been measuring his life from the end and not the beginning. In some respects, life is a like a long race.  In the midst of the race, it seems worthwhile to remember how important it is to persevere because the race can be long and wearying.  Maturing followers of Jesus ask the question, “How do I finish well?” What kind of perspective can I draw from remembering those have run before me, and what is my focus that compels me to run all the way through the finish line? Wherever you are at in the race as a believer, and whatever your age might be presently, it is worthwhile to wonder about finishing well.  You see time relentlessly advances.  Eternity is just around the corner.  It seems that those who live most wisely and fruitfully in the present are those who honestly ask the question, “How can I finish well?”

Pastor Tim Haugen

Is This Your Worship?

Romans 12:1

What is worship? What does it mean to be a worshiper? What was worship like during Old Covenant times in tabernacles and temples? What is worship like in the New Covenant temple? Does the Bible really give guide lines on how, when, where and why to worship? In the midst of all these questions, this is abundantly clear: worship is far more than we may think and it is also far less. We were designed for worship so how can we as a people give all of ourselves to God in a culture that is demanding our praise?

Youth Ministry Intern
Evan Petras