II Chronicles 20:1-15

God is a strong and faithful LORD.  He generously displays His strength and faithfulness to men and women whose hope is riveted to Him.  One of the ways that gospel men and women demonstrate faith is in prayer.  Though few men and women of faith would dispute the importance of the discipline of prayer, practically there are many believers who in their most honest moments would admit that frequently prayer is a “last resort.”  In other words, after I have done all I can do, then I resort to prayer.  That is why the story of a king in Judah named Jehoshaphat can be so valuable.  Under siege, and in the face of a perilous challenge, he made prayer his first move.  In the face of a daunting challenge, he chose to pray first. The bottom line is that in his distress, he nevertheless had clarity about whose battle it is, and who has power to save and deliver.  What can we learn from this king of Judah?  Moreover, what practical encouragement can we offer one another as we celebrate the power and grace of God, and His resolve to work on behalf of people who wait for Him.  This is the first week of a 7-week teaching series we have titled, “Prayer First.”

Pastor Tim Haugen

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